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Mini Commission # 1 – Functional Skills

To assess the impact and damage of current Functional Skills policy within apprenticeships, and the argument for change of approach

Although increased funding and reformed qualifications were introduced to improve the learner, employer and provider experience of Functional Skills during an apprenticeship, there is a strong need to consider other factors and barriers that impact on a learner’s ability to achieve them and, ultimately, their apprenticeship.

This mini commission will take into account the impact provider evidence on:

  • Number of apprentices current PPED as a result of FSQs
  • Number of apprentices who ended up withdrawing as a result of FSQs
  • How and to what extent has the entry criteria evolved to exclude individuals due to FSQ policy
  • The mental health impact of FSQ policy on both apprentices and delivery staff

Mini Commission # 1 – Functional Skills - Information Briefing

You can access both the downloadable PDF and audio file of this session:


  • Mini commission launch
  • Information sessions with members/local provider networks

Gathering of provider data

Assimilation of data and initial feedback to members/local provider networks

  • Draft conclusion and recommendations report
  • Party conferences

Sharing of evidence base/final report

AELP Autumn Conference (07 November 2024, in Manchester)