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Writing Impactful Position Papers for an Ofsted Inspection

It is probably true to say that the vast majority of providers now choose to write position papers in advance of an Ofsted inspection to bring the inspectors up to speed with the current nature of the provision they offer. Many have also adapted them to act as a useful briefing tool for employers and their line managers and learners as well as their own staff.

This interactive webinar will examine the key considerations to be borne in mind when planning to write position papers, particularly around whether they should be descriptive, evaluative or a mixture of both and how best to divide your provision up when considering how many position papers you should write. This webinar will also consider the juxtaposition of any position papers you write to your self-assessment and quality improvement planning processes.

AELP Webinar: Writing Impactful Position Papers for an Ofsted Inspection

Webinar on demand

Last published: 14/02/2024