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AELP calls on providers and employers to engage with their local MPs to #SaveOurSkillsSystem

Last week AELP published an open letter to the Secretary of State for Education, urging her to take immediate action to help save our skills system. We again urge you to read the letter and become a co-signatory by contacting our Public Affairs Manager, Ciaran Roche, at [email protected]. Every name matters.

It is vital that the sector’s concerns are heeded, but AELP cannot shift the dial on this issue alone. That is why, further, to signing the letter, we are asking you to contact your local MP, expressing your concern at the financial cliff edge the sector is on and asking your local MP to write to the Secretary of State and visit your organisation to learn first-hand about the positive impact you have.

We have supplied an email template for your use. Please feel free to edit this letter depending on your local circumstances; your MP will be more likely to engage with issues relevant to their constituency. Each provider’s experience of the current funding crisis is different.

Once you send your letter AELP will be able to offer support to members on any MP visits, and with any responses you receive. Please contact Ciaran Roche via the details above if you receive a response.

If you are unsure who your local MP is, please visit and enter your postcode.

This is a critical moment for the sector. Well-funded skills provision is fundamental to a growing economy, and we need to let our representatives know that the sector needs to be properly funded, and strategically planned.

AELP calls on providers and employers to engage with their local MPs to #SaveOurSkillsSystem

Please contact Ciaran Roche, if you receive a response, or if you would like to sign our open letter.

Last published: 10/08/2023