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AELP welcome new board members

The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) have announced Iain Salisbury (Aspiration Training) and Jill Whittaker OBE FCA (HIT Training) will join the AELP board following their successful election ahead of the organisation’s 2023 Annual General Meeting.

Mark Dawe (The Skills Network), Ian Bamford (Paragon Skills) and Brenda McLeish OBE (Learning Curve Group) were also re-elected to the board. Alan Ovenden ACMA, David Marsh and John Hyde FIH CBE stand down from the board at the AGM which takes place today (28 February 2023).

"Ahead of the 2023 AELP AGM, I would like to congratulate Iain and Jill on their election. The new board members take up their positions at a time when the strongest voices of the sector are crucial for progress. I am looking forward to working closely with them.

“I’d like to say a huge thank you to the outgoing board members for their hard work as AELP board members in recent years. They have been a great source of knowledge and have helped us to lobby for employers and training providers effectively and consistently. I’d like to pay special tribute to John Hyde whose retirement from the board comes after over 20 years of involvement with AELP. As a founding member, he shared a vision with a small group who built AELP from a group of 10 providers in 2002 to today with just under 800.”

Jane Hickie, Chief Executive of AELP


"I am delighted to have been elected, by my peers, to the AELP board. I will strive to play a role in optimising relationships with funding bodies, regulators, government and future potential governments. In particular, I am keen to support AELP members by listening to their concerns and challenges, and to challenge unfair or unreasonable conditions placed upon them. We will get better results for the sector overall by building strong relationships with all of our stakeholders and fighting our battles from a position of trust built on understanding over time. I am ready to take on the challenge of board membership at AELP, to drive change where it is needed, and relish the opportunity to support the sector.”

Jill Whittaker OBE FCA, Managing Director of HIT Training


"As a member of AELP, for many years, I have always appreciated the support and voice AELP gives to the sector. I am delighted to join the AELP board at a time when that work is more important than ever. I hope to contribute over the coming years by supporting other members and driving positive changes in vocational learning, training, and employability programmes.”

Iain Salisbury, Aspiration Training Ltd Chief Executive


"I am really pleased to have been elected to the AELP board to serve a further term having been CEO of AELP and on the board for a number of years. As always there are really challenging issues for the FE sector and ITPs to influence and navigate, now and over the next few years. It is vital that AELP continues to have the success it has had over the last few years. AELP has been an enjoyable and important part of my life and I delighted that I can continue to support the organisation and its amazing members under the leadership of Nicki Hay and Jane Hickie.”

Mark Dawe, Chief Executive, The Skills Network


"I am really pleased to be re-elected to the AELP board for a further four years. It is a really exciting time to be involved with helping shape of objectives for the sector. I also look forward to continuing my role as chair of the AELP Quality Board.”

Ian Bamford, Chief Operating Officer, Paragon Skills


"I'm so pleased to have been re-elected to the AELP Association of Employment and Learning Providers - AELP board. It's so important for independent training providers to have a voice within the education sector to ensure all options for adults and young people are represented and Government can hear from those who have a direct impact on people's lives. I can't wait to continue the great work we've achieved so far. I want to say a big welcome to our new board members and a heartfelt goodbye and thank you to those that are stepping down for helping us get to where we are today."

Neil Whittaker, Director of Marketing and Communications, Learning Curve Group

AELP welcome new board members

For further information or for interviews please contact Matt Strong, Communications Manager, AELP, on 07920 161685 or [email protected]

Last published: 28/02/2023