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AELP’s events, conferences and webinars are important in providing our members with the most up-to-date information and include key developments within the sector. As an integral part of AELP’s membership offering members do, of course, receive significantly reduced delegate fees to attend. Many of our webinars are offered complimentary including a monthly update from AELP’s CEO Mark Dawe.

Our experienced events team deliver around 150 events per year, including three annual conferences; Spring, Autumn and during the summer, our two-day National Conference which is a must-attend key strategic event within the Skills and Employability sector calendar delivering to nearly 600 attendees per day. Full AELP members receive one complimentary place to attend both days which is worth £575.00 - a significant saving when compared to many of our membership fees.

Events are topical and delivered by high profile and experienced speakers or facilitators and always provide a great opportunity to network with other members. Ranging in size and type they are often delivered around the country bringing the event closer to you.

The partnerships we have with government agencies including; Ofsted, the Institute for Apprenticeships and the Department for Education ensure our events keep you one step ahead of any significant announcements and changes in the sector.

Alongside our events, AELP frequently deliver one hour webinars which offer the opportunity to listen to the latest news and sector developments from the comfort of your office. The recording of the webinar, presentation slides and any Q&As are often sent out post-webinar and are another valuable resource for your organisation.

AELP continues to receive excellent feedback on our events and is proud to deliver this service for our members.

12 Dec

Monitoring Visit Readiness

Date published: 12.12.2018

  • Webinars


All new RoAPT providers will receive an Ofsted 2 day Monitoring Visit. An unsatisfactory outcome in any of the 3 areas inspected could lead to a provider being unable to enrol new apprentices or ultimately removed from the register. Make sure your company is ready for the visit.


10 Jan

Effective Practice in Fostering Learner’s Motivation to Learn

Date published: 10.01.2019

  • Webinars


Research and practical experience have shown that a key factor in delivering successful learning sessions is tutor understanding of how to get learners motivated to learn. Tutors who recognise this are successful in engaging their learners. Tutors who do not recognise this tend to ascribe fault to the learners – which does not improve their situation. This webinar is designed to help participants further develop their understanding of how to improve learner’s motivation to learn.


24 Jan

Implementing the Code of Good Governance for Independent Providers

Date published: 24.01.2019

  • Webinars


FETL sponsored AELP to research into governance good practice in independent providers. As a result, a Code of Good Governance was developed and published by AELP in September. Providers have been asked to adopt the principles and themes, and to review their practice against the “musts” and “shoulds”. In response to the Code being published a set of learning materials have been produced to support implementation. This webinar will introduce them.


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