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Countdown Issue 980

As always when I write these first few words my intention is to keep this short and sharp. You never know but, after more than four years, I might finally get there. The long-awaited response from DfE on subcontracting came out this week with a clear desire to have more visibility and control, only supporting good quality subcontracting and reducing the volume over a period of three years. Our message hasn’t changed really – the best way to reduce subcontracting is to procure more of the AEB

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The Insider 10 - Online Delivery & Resources

This couldn’t be more timely -a whole insider dedicated to online learning and resources. Having sat in our homes for the last three months being thrown into the deep end of managing Teams, Skype, Goto, Zoom (etc) and trying to work out how to support learners and apprentices through this incredibly challenging time many will have experienced the great, good, bad and ugly of online working, administration and learning. The next 12 months look incredibly uncertain as well. Will we be back in

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Countdown Issue 979

It’s hot, I know we shouldn’t complain, but when you’re stuck in a boiling room looking at the sun beaming down outside it is difficult. So, this week has been quite a rollercoaster – in a positive way. Having spent the last few months making sure we get whatever coverage we can on challenges the providers, their employers and their apprentices and learners are facing in one week we get the Select Committee, press coverage, Newsnight and the Sunday Times wanting to interview us. The reality is

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6 Jul

Financial, Accountancy and Legal Sector Forum

The Financial, Accountancy and Legal Sector Forum is sponsored by NOCN, chaired by Nici Caesar, Head Of Financial Services and Degree Apprenticeship Solutions at Kaplan and vice chaired by Leonie Thompson, at NOCN. The forum is also supported by Mark Dawe, AELP Chief Executive and managed by Cheryl Swales, AELP Project Manager.

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8 Jul

Health, Social Care and Early Years Sector Forum

This sector forum is chaired by Lyndsey Herdman, Head of Early Years at BB Training, and Vice Chaired by Geraldine Donworth, Industry Manager for Health Care and Childcare at City and Guilds. It is supported by Simon Ashworth, AELP Chief Policy Officer and is managed by Cheryl Swales, AELP Project Manager.

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8 Jul

Understanding unconscious bias @ 2pm

Join us on this fascinating webinar exploring different types of unconscious bias. We will explore different types of unconscious bias and how to understand and challenge biases in others. We will share ways to manage your responses and support greater self-awareness in order for you to enhance your relationships and build effective communication skills. Claire is an experienced executive coach and NLP practitioner who will share tools and techniques to implement at workplace and in your lives.

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'What's a traineeship?' will be a common cry in newsrooms as they appear on front pages for the first time ever. AE……

🚨💰 Companies will be paid cash bonuses by the Government to hire young people as…px

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Government aiming to triple number of traineeships with £1000 cash incentives to employers.…

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