AELP Research 2016

Welcome to the new AELP Research page! Over the last few years, AELP has undertaken a raft of research. Find out more here!

Member Publications - Countdown

Countdown is available to download here.

Member Publications - Sector Connect

Sector Connect is available to download here.

Featured Members

The Member Showcase is a free AELP Member Benefit available to all members and features the services they offer; it offers a unique opportunity for all members to have a marketing profile and dedicated presence on the AELP homepage with a link to a specially created Member Showcase page. A number of members have already taken advantage of the Member Showcase feature which also appears in the bimonthly members’ newsletter, Connect.

For additional advertising opportunities, e.g. Banner Headlines, Plain Text Display, HTML Email Marketing, Page Displays and Button Adverts, please refer to the Advertising Rate Card or contact the AELP Admin Team via email at for further assistance.
(*Note: the Member Showcase feature is available to all AELP members to use once, at no extra charge; any subsequent marketing activities will be subject to current rate card).

Future Apprenticeships

AELP has been commissioned and funded by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to run the Future Apprenticeships Staff Support Programme, along with their partners the Association of Colleges (AoC); HOLEX; 157 Group; Learning & Work Institute (formerly NIACE) and the Federation for Industry, Skills and Standards (FISSS).

Single Adult Skills Budget

The resources on this page have been designed to help providers maximise the opportunities created by the introduction of the single Adult Skills Budget, helping them to become more confident in the use of the budget flexibilities.

Study Programmes and Traineeships

Welcome to the new Study Programmes and Traineeships topics page.

Advertising in Sector Connect

Click here to view latest advertising opportunities in Sector Connect.

AELP Research Briefing

The AELP Research team summarises research findings and data analysis to help inform delivery and strategy. Articles are either collated in quarterly AELP Research Briefings or presented as single-topic papers.

English and Mathematics in Apprenticeships: A step by step guide for providers

English and Mathematics in Apprenticeships is a new AELP provider guide available as an interactive digital resource, which can be seen on smart devices and tablets, or as hard copy download; developed with the support of the Education and Training Foundation.