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AELP reacts to 2023 Spring Budget

The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) has reacted with disappointment following the 2023 Spring Budget.

Jane Hickie, Chief Executive of AELP said:

"It is positive to hear in the Spring Budget that Britain will avoid a technical recession, and that the latest projections show inflation should fall back down to more usual levels in the coming months. This will be of huge relief to employers who continue to face huge challenges in the midst of rising costs.

“Additional funding for Sector-Based Work Academy Programmes (SWAPs) and expanding supported internships are welcome, although relatively modest. While we’re pleased to see investment in extra Skills Bootcamps, it’s disappointing that this does not start for another 18 months.

“Ultimately, we’re disappointed at the lack of detailed plan to meet the Chancellor’s aim to get more people back into work and achieve the stated aim of skills being the catalyst for economic growth. If the government are serious about supporting more over 50s and those in receipt of Universal Credit back into work, this will need significantly more investment in skills training. A rebranding and promotion of accelerated apprenticeship under the guise of Returnerships won’t cut it. If this a budget for growth, it’s a budget for growth without skills.”

AELP reacts to 2023 Spring Budget

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Last published: 16/03/2023