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Future Apprenticeships



AELP has been commissioned and funded by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to run the Future Apprenticeships Staff Support Programme, along with their partners the Association of Colleges (AoC); HOLEX; 157 Group; Learning & Work Institute (formerly NIACE) and the Federation for Industry, Skills and Standards (FISSS).

Within the context of the apprenticeship reforms and the government’s target to deliver 3 million apprenticeship starts by 2020, the programme is designed to help managers, teachers, trainers, leaders and those involved in governance to make the transition from apprenticeship frameworks to the new standards. The programme builds on the success of the Apprenticeship Staff Support Programme (ASSP).

 It covers three strands;

  • Delivering the new Apprenticeship standards – support with curriculum development and teaching, learning and assessment strategie


  • Supporting employer engagement – managing the new relationship between employers and providers


  • Supporting leaders and those involved in governance to grow apprenticeships provision

As well as supporting the transition from frameworks to standards and the achievement of growth targets the programme aims to help providers offer apprentices a high quality learning experience. It also seeks to enable providers to continuously improve the quality of their apprenticeship offer to employers, encouraging more employers to expand their engagement with apprenticeships.

The first phase of the programme which started at the end of 2015 and ran until May 2016 offered a range of support including workshops; bespoke advice and support; face-to-face and online CPD programmes; webinars and presentations. It cumulated with the launch of a Future Apprenticeships portal which promotes the activities from the Future Apprenticeships programme with dedicated areas for leaders, managers and governors and teachers/trainers. It also contains links to wider information on the apprenticeship reforms, details about CPD opportunities and a range of resources.

The resources section includes a practical  Future Apprenticeship provider toolkit 


written and designed by the Strategic Development Network (SDN), one of the programmes delivery partners, and builds on work with hundreds of colleagues, from all types of providers who engaged with the Future Apprenticeship programme. It shares transition models and effective practice from providers who have been quick to adopt the new standards. It highlights actions that leaders, managers and practitioners will need to consider, and equips them with tools to starting putting these actions into practice.

The toolkit is split into two broad sections:

  1. Strategy and Planning: setting strategic priorities and objectives; understanding the opportunities, customer needs and financial viability; mapping out the organisational structures and partnership arrangements required; and agreeing the plans, timescales and teams to drive the transition forward.
  1. Implementation: putting the operational building blocks in place for future apprenticeship delivery, from curriculum development, assessment and quality, to business development, marketing and compliance.

The first edition of the tool kit will help providers set their apprenticeship agenda and journey for the next two years. As more detail emerges and as a greater number of providers work through the process, the toolkit will be updated with more examples of practice.

The second phase of the programme which runs until March 2017 includes a wide range of support activities e.g. webinars, workshops, in-depth on-line seminars. A flyer outlining the new offer is available here.  Refer to the new Future Apprenticeships portal for further details.