Following the announcement at the AELP Spring Conference a suite of 4 draft contracts are now available for full members.

The AELP-BDB model framework agreements are available in levied and non-levied forms. The model contract suite of documents includes a model subcontract and a model assessment organisation agreement.

  • Revised levy paying employer contract with provider - mainly formatting so easier to manage but also encompassing some of the latest guidance – not significant change, but some differences

  • Non-levy paying employer contract with provider – similar to the above but with slightly different obligations, in particular the employer contribution, but also recognizing the funding comes from a SFA contract with the provider

  • Prime provider contract with sub-contractor

  • Provider contract with an EPA Organisation

Model contracts have so far been provided to over 370 AELP full members and all members who requested the first contract will be emailed the 4 contracts automatically.

To access the documents, AELP full members should email BDB on [email protected] quoting your membership name and membership number and giving the contact name at your organisation (and the name of a deputy if you wish). If you cannot remember your membership name and membership number, please contact the AELP Office via email [email protected] for assistance.

If you would like to become a full member to be able to claim the model contract please contact our Membership Team via email [email protected] or alternately register your interest here.

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