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AELP policy publication | Manifesto for driving an economic recovery


Last updated: 21st Oct 2014 | Status: Final

Last year, we launched our first policy Manifesto at the AELP National Conference. At this year’s national conference, we issued an update of the Manifesto, showing progress on the identified key issues and reinforcing the need to improve the employment and skills system.

This revised policy - Manifesto for driving an economic recovery, builds on those previous documents, because the economic recovery will only be sustainable if we satisfy the skills and recruitment needs of employers. This means, improving the system so that training can support employers and learners allowing everyone to share the benefits of the recovery. We have set out some clear priorities and areas of focus, which will ensure that employment and skills programmes are the best investment in the future success of our economy.

As always, we welcome your feedback on our policy documents including our latest Manifesto policy; your comments help us to establish what further steps are to be taken and the required course of action to be undertaken by AELP for the future.

To view and to download a complimentary copy of AELP Manifesto, please click on the link below.

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