Conveyancing and property law: a changing landscape

In this ever-changing landscape, businesses need to continually adapt to grow and survive in the marketplace and the conveyancing and property law sector is no different. The need for high quality, qualified staff is as important as ever, with the sector embracing new qualifications and learning methods.

In partnership with the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC), SQA has developed a market report to guide employers and staff through the top issues impacting the property law sector in 2019 and beyond.

The first factor impacting the sector is the changing skills landscape; degree apprenticeships are on the increase as more employers, colleges and universities, and students and parents realise their advantages. With a greater focus on professional apprenticeships, the industry will have easier access to a pool of talent. It is also likely that there will be an emphasis on the general skill requirements of staff and how firms can future-proof their business.

The skills landscape sees new and evolving flexible study methods available for learners including online and distance learning. The evolving nature of the skills landscape is reinforced, with the recent introduction of the opportunity to become a property lawyer without going to university. Law firms themselves are evolving to meet the changes in the sector; My Home Move is the only UK law firm to be on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers and has the ability to employ apprentices, as well as deliver professional qualifications in-house.

Furthermore, digital transformation is set to shake up the sector as advances in technology have the potential to overhaul the home buying process. The rise of blockchain technology will undoubtedly lead to faster and more secure transactions within the industry. It is likely to be of significant value within the conveyancing and property sector where there are multiple elements to a transaction. In addition, apps and online portals are being rolled out to simplify the process; facilitating improved communication, 24/7 on-demand service and easy access to key files and documents (IRN Research 2018).

SQA are experts in developing relevant qualifications delivering the real skills, knowledge and progression routes in demand by employers and learners alike. In partnership with CLC, SQA offers four Regulated qualifications for England and Wales in this area:

  • SQA Level 4 and Level 6 Diplomas in Conveyancing Law and Practice
  • SQA Level 4 and Level 6 Diplomas in Probate Law and Practice

Claire Richardson, Deputy Director of Authorisations and New Business at CLC, explains the value of the qualifications “CLC Diplomas offer legal businesses an excellent way to develop their staff, progressing their careers and increasing their value to the firm. Developed with industry to the highest standard, these qualifications give individuals and businesses the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to build a property law sector fit to face the future”.

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