Providers will be receiving letters from the ESFA this afternoon informing them that they will be notified of their non-levy apprenticeship funding allocations for the period May-end December 2017 by next Tuesday, 25 April. These full allocations will be split between 16-18 and 19+. A separate contract will also be required for after July.


Commenting on the latest developments, AELP Mark Dawe said:


‘AELP has pressed really hard and constantly for the existing subcontracting rules to remain in place until the end of December because we need stability in the relationships between the main providers and the subcontractors. The Agency’s decision to respond positively to our call is very sensible; otherwise we could have seen massive shifts in relationships unless agreed by both parties.


‘However while this element of today’s communication is very helpful, providers will only learn by 25 April what their allocations will be for the remainder of 2017. This is good news, but it only leaves 6 days until 1 May. The notification is vital because providers really need to know what funding they will have available for starts and carry-over learners.’

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