AEB providers will be receiving a letter today from the ESFA via Bravo following the AEB tender’s over-subscription and subsequent awards. This letter is very specifically relating to non-priority provision ensuring that those that had non priority delivery will get the same 75% as those that failed in the tender process - and it is the extension of existing contracts. There will still be the new contract for priority delivery (as already advised) and there will still be the opportunity to bid for growth against priority provision . This last point is vital to enable providers over the next 12 months transition from non-priority to priority provision.


In response to the letter, AELP CEO Mark Dawe said, “We really welcome the fact that the government has recognised the importance of transitioning all providers to enable them to move from non-priority to priority provision. All we been asking for is fairness of treatment. Furthermore we hope that the opportunity to bid for further allocations will allow providers to grow priority provision meeting a significant demand around the country.”

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