The Department for Education is conducting a survey of education and training workforce in Independent Training Providers – the first of its kind.

Please encourage your Head of HR or equivalent to take phone calls from IFF Research and, afterwards, your staff to complete individual online surveys.

AELP fully endorses this survey as it helps raise the profile and contribution of ITPs. All ESFA-funded ITPs in England are in scope, giving the potential for a first ever census of ITPs! Also, all participating providers will receive a summary of findings to help compare their own organisation with the wider sector.

The survey launched for ITPs on 5th August 2019. So ITPs will now be receiving phone calls inviting HR leads to take part in the phone interview and submit data. After the survey with an HR lead, providers will be asked to distribute invitations to all education and training staff to complete individual online questionnaires.

Please plan your participation well in advance
of the end-October deadline.

Read on to find out more about the rationale for the survey, what’s involved and what is being asked.


Why is ITP workforce data important?

  1. ITPs play a vital role in ensuring learners, employers and the economy have the skills they need to succeed. The data will help identify strengths and gaps in the workforce for delivering the government’s technical and further education reforms.
  2. DfE is very keen to improve their understanding of education and training professionals in ITPs. It will gather high-quality, up-to-date, accurate data to improve the understanding of ITPs and help develop policies that will effectively support the sector. The survey follows the success of DfE’s College Staff Survey, which gathered similar information and greatly improved DfE’s understanding of the FE college workforce.
  3. This is an opportunity for the ITP education and training workforce to voice their experiences and the challenges they face.

Who is in scope? What is involved?

IFF Research have been commissioned by DfE to carry out the survey. It is aimed at ITP providers in England who receive funding from ESFA.

The survey has 2 parts:

  1. HR Survey – a telephone survey with your Head of HR or equivalent. This will ask about the type of provision offered by the provider, recruitment and staff numbers across job roles, subjects taught and contract type. IFF Research will call all ESFA-funded ITPs in August/early September to carry out the survey either immediately or at another convenient time in September.
  2. Online survey of individual education and training staff – After completing the HR survey, the provider will be asked to distribute a survey aimed at senior leaders, teachers, trainers, tutors, assessors and others directly involved in the delivery of learning, training or assessments. Administrators and other support staff are not in scope. The survey will be conducted on-line and ask about staff’s previous experience, qualifications, expectations and future intentions in FE, as well as the challenges and best parts of working in the sector. Reminder emails will be sent to Providers asking them to encourage staff to respond.


What will be asked?

In the HR survey we will be asking the head of HR or equivalent to provide information on staffing and vacancy levels including:

  • Number of staff in leadership or management roles
  • Number of teaching, training or assessment staff by:
    - Contract type (e.g. permanent, fixed term, flexible, agency etc.)
    - Contracted hours (e.g. full-time, part-time, sessional or other flexible hours)
    - Programme of study (e.g. A-Level, apprenticeship, NVQ etc.)
    - Subject area (e.g. agriculture, business and administration, catering and hospitality etc.)
  • Number of vacancies
    - by programmes of study/subject areas
    - that have been filled by supply staff in the last 12 months

If the respondent also has a senior/leadership role, they will be asked the relevant questions from the staff survey in the telephone interview.

In the staff survey we will be asking about a range of topics including:

  • qualifications – both teaching and subject-related
  • programmes of study and subjects delivered
  • time in current role, at current provider, in FE
  • contract type and hours
  • working situation immediately before FE (i.e. outside education, non-teaching role, different type of education)
  • subject-related work experience
  • other current roles (e.g. at other providers, outside education)
  • satisfaction with role and career development opportunities
  • likelihood of leaving FE in next 12 months
  • best and most challenging parts of job
  • demographics information (e.g. age, gender, salary, nationality, ethnicity, disability)
  • re-contact for a future churn survey
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