Commenting on today’s publication by the Institute for Apprenticeships of its new Quality Strategy, AELP CEO Mark Dawe said:

“AELP strongly supports and promotes high quality apprenticeships for employers and apprentices and high standards in the Quality Strategy. Good providers have a vital role in ensuring quality because they deliver all aspects of apprentice training and support, especially the on-the-job training and day-today development of the apprentice. This requires a robust regime for managing provider entry into the market and then ongoing provision with the right regulators and agencies controlling the appropriate aspects of the programme.

“However it should be noted that AELP was only an observer to this process. While we agree with many of the incorporated principles, we were therefore unable to persuade IfATE that 20% off-the-job training and minimum duration rules are not appropriate measures. AELP believes that actually the most value lies in properly supported on-the-job training which we feel is mostly being ignored. What is also disappointing is that many of the principles of quality are the principles that have always existed for good quality work based learning and apprenticeships for the last couple of decades. These have been ignored by the ESFA and IfATE although they are now being brought back, but we still don’t have the appropriate systems in place two years after the levy was introduced.”

The IfATE Quality Strategy is expected to appear here:

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