On the government’s announcement to triple the number of traineeships as part of its post-Covid economic recovery measures (https://bbc.in/3f3QfvT), AELP chief executive Mark Dawe said:


“This is a fantastic first step in recognising the challenges we will face in supporting young people this autumn. Many of our member providers are keen to deliver traineeships and they have working relationships with 350,000 employers who can be engaged on this.

“The increase in funding should enable a higher quality programme giving the young people the skills they need to enter or reengage in what we all know will be a challenging employment market. It is proven that at every level of training, experience of the workplace is a critical element in a successful outcome - a job - as demonstrated by the high levels of success already achieved in traineeships and by 90% of all apprentices staying in work and progressing.

“The £1,000 incentive is a significant recognition of the efforts required by the employer to support these young learners and we welcome the government’s announcement in providing a catalyst to turbo-boost this work focused programme.”


In a response to a request from the government, AELP submitted on 22 May 2020 proposals on kickstarting traineeships, which addressed existing barriers inhibiting the programme’s growth including the need for an employer incentive, and these can be downloaded here: https://www.aelp.org.uk/media/3765/88-tackling-the-barriers-and-turbocharging-traineesips-may-2020-final.pdf.

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