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Governance and Strategic Leadership


Governance Development Programme

The Education and Training Foundation have commissioned and funded AELP to design and deliver a governance development programme to support the continuous improvement in the governance and strategic leadership of commercial and charitable training organisations. The programme includes:

A series of five webinars briefings

A series of five webinars briefings that take the form of an interview with a strategic leader from an independent training provider (ITP). The webinars have a common theme of ‘evaluate and challenge’ and cover topics such as the quality of teaching and learning, effectiveness of boards and senior teams, collaborative working and organisational performance through effective use of data.
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Effective Governance and Strategic Leadership – A guide for independent training providers

Effective governance and strategic leadership guide and e book for independent training providers, these two resources explore what the FE sector expects from corporate governance and leadership. It is designed to help ITPs assess how closely their current governance arrangements match the expectations of FE policy makers and funders.

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Excellence in Leadership, Management and Governance (ELMAG)

Further information on learning and development opportunities available as part of the second phase of the successful ELMAG programme,led by AELP on behalf of the Education and Training Foundation.

Governance and Strategic Leadership

Legacy materials on Governance and Strategic Leadership.

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The Strategic Exchange

A new special interest group that provides an opportunity for strategic leaders to discuss a wide range of topics including roles and responsibilities of non-executive Directors, recruiting new Board Directors, strategic planning and measuring Board effectiveness.

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