Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Crowne Plaza, Leeds

The Missing Link – What Line Managers Need To Know About Coaching & Mentoring Apprentices


Coaching and mentoring is becoming an integral part of apprenticeship training and delivery, with more reliance than ever on Line Managers supporting and developing apprentices. However, Line Managers are not often equipped with the training they need to support apprentices, nor have a wider understanding of the complexities of the apprenticeship system.

In this one-day workshop, we help Line Managers and Apprenticeship Training Providers to:

  • Understand why coaching and mentoring is an integral part of apprenticeship training
  • Explore the latest trends and developments within coaching and mentoring
  • How to create a multi-facetted or ‘holistic’ apprenticeship training experiences, using coaching and mentoring methods
  • How to help Line Managers to help apprentices, the business and their training providers to achieve success from apprenticeships

See the Agenda for more information

Target Audience

This workshop is aimed at all apprenticeship training providers that are:

  • Main Providers
  • Employer Providers
  • Supporting Providers
  • Universities
  • Local Authorities
  • Other (e.g. Awarding Organisations/Suppliers)

Membership Pledge

Any non-member, who pays the non-member rate and subsequently becomes a member within 30 days of attending an event, will be reimbursed the difference between the non-member rate and the AELP member rate.

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