This webinar series has been designed to assist providers in developing their knowledge and understanding of the inspection process, improve their planning and preparation for inspection and be able to effectively manage the inspection week.

The second webinar will focus upon specific aspects of planning and preparation to ensure that an organisation has all the evidence in place to meet inspectors’ expectations, that all staff are aware of their roles and responsibilities for the inspection and that the provider is in the best possible position to project high levels of competence in the work they perform.


This webinar will help delegates to:

  • get on the front foot in preparation for inspection
  • communicate the inspection process to staff, employers and other partner organisations
  • make a plan of all inspection aspects and identify key staff to lead in each area
  • identify good practice in their organisation
  • evidence improvements with areas for further development
  • be inspection ready!

See the agenda for more information.

Who should attend

This webinar will be of interest to those involved in the inspection process and other managers and staff who would like to further develop their knowledge and understanding of inspection and learn how to ensure their organisation is seen at its best.

Delegate Fees

AELP Member rate: £69.00 + VAT
Subsequent Delegate(s): £49.00 + VAT
Non-Member rate: £169.00 + VAT

Membership Pledge

Any non-member, who pays the non-member rate and subsequently becomes a member within 30 days of attending an event, will be reimbursed the difference between the non-member rate and the AELP member rate.

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