Wednesday, 6 February 2019
Hallmark Hotel, Birmingham

Understanding and identifying the critical Dos and Don’ts for high quality apprenticeship delivery


Unprecedented changes within the apprenticeships market in has created both chaos and opportunity for training providers. Nearly two years since the launch of the apprenticeship levy, we’ve witnessed new training providers emerge and existing providers consolidate and/or diversify their apprenticeship portfolios or simply leave the sector altogether.

With the growth of new apprenticeship providers, including Employer Providers (employers who deliver their own, internal apprenticeship programmes) this workshop is particularly useful for understanding the key requirements and obligations of an apprenticeship training provider, as well as the common pitfalls to avoid.

It is a ‘must attend’ for new entrant apprenticeship training providers, aspiring Employer Providers and those considering apprenticeship delivery for the first time.

See the Agenda for more information.


Objectives to be covered:

  1. An overview of the apprenticeships landscape.
  2. Your role and responsibilities as an apprenticeship training provider.
  3. Understanding the component parts needed to deliver apprenticeships.
  4. Understanding the implications of delivering apprenticeships.
  5. Understanding how to maximise outputs and outcomes from delivering apprenticeship training.

Target Audience

This workshop is ideal for:

  1. Brand new apprenticeship training providers on RoATP
  2. Recent apprenticeship training providers on RoATP
  3. Established providers on RoATP experiencing problems/issues with delivering apprenticeships
  4. Providers that are considering delivering apprenticeships for the first time
  5. Aspiring employers who wish to deliver their own apprenticeship training as Employer Providers
  6. Employed staff that are new or recent to the apprenticeship sector

Delegate Fees

AELP Member rate: £159.00 + VAT
Non-Member rate: £359.00 + VAT

Membership Pledge

Any non-member, who pays the non-member rate and subsequently becomes a member within 30 days of attending an event, will be reimbursed the difference between the non-member rate and the AELP member rate.

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