Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Hilton Leeds City

A timely update on representing your organisation as the Ofsted Nominee under the New Inspection Framework (EIF).


This workshop will tell you what is likely to stay the same, and to change if, and when, you represent your provider as the Ofsted nominee at your next inspection. The training will be based around the new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) which is being implemented by Ofsted in September 2019 for all post-16 education settings, including colleges, training providers, employer providers and local authority adult education provision. The workshop will advise you of the inspection context in which you will now be acting as a nominee, explain the overarching role of the nominee on inspection, tell you about the characteristics of a good nominee, and advise you on how to best prepare for, and deal with, key elements of the inspection process.

Target Audience

This event is aimed at those people in colleges, training providers, employer providers and local authorities running post-16 and adult education who are likely to act as nominee at an Ofsted inspection. It will suit both experienced nominees and those likely to be nominee at an Ofsted inspection for the first time. It will also address the role in different types of Ofsted inspection. 

Delegate Fees

AELP Member rate: £159.00 + VAT
Non-Member rate: £359.00 + VAT

Membership Pledge

Any non-member, who pays the non-member rate and subsequently becomes a member within 30 days of attending an event, will be reimbursed the difference between the non-member rate and the AELP member rate.

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