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AELP Webinar

10:00-11:30, 14/03/2024

How to Make Sure You are Running a Great Apprenticeship Provision - Sponsored by OneFile


Many new providers just setting out on their journey of delivering apprenticeships do not have a benchmark for what great training for their apprentices looks like. Nor, often, do providers who have been delivering apprenticeships for a considerable period of time.

This webinar will draw on examples of what Richard considers to be best practice from the many training and employer providers he works with throughout the country to improve their provision, whilst also acknowledging and referencing what Ofsted inspectors will want to see when they inspect your apprenticeship programmes.


At the end of this webinar, you will have learned about:

  • What being a great apprenticeship provider means in the context of the Education Inspection Framework (EIF);
  • The key characteristics of good and outstanding apprenticeship providers and what tends to set them apart from the rest;
  • What great providers specifically do at each step of the ‘learner journey’ to ensure their learners receive an outstanding level of training and assessment;
  • Examples of best practice in providing high-quality education and training at each stage of the ‘learner journey’;
  • The behaviours, attitudes and traits of apprentices in receipt of great apprenticeship training;
  • The actions and behaviours of employers working in partnership with great apprenticeship providers;
  • The actions and behaviours of senior leaders and managers in great apprenticeship providers.

Who should attend this webinar

This webinar is designed for:
Anyone involved in the planning, organisation and delivery of apprenticeships, including senior leaders, curriculum managers, trainers and assessors. 


Richard Moore

Richard Moore Solutions

Richard has been delivering webinars and workshops successfully for the AELP for a number of years, focusing on how to prepare for an Ofsted inspection and on improving the quality of providers’ education and training in general. He is a former Ofsted HMI (His Majesty’s Inspector) and manager for the inspectorate with vast experience of leading Ofsted inspections. He now runs his own further education and skills consultancy business, specialising in supporting post-16 providers such as training providers, employer providers and colleges. 

Guest Speaker

Susanna Lawson DipIoD 

Co-Founder of OneFile

Susanna is co-founder and ambassador of OneFile. Founded in a back bedroom in Manchester and now over 2million users with 2 King's Awards for Innovation.

Susanna is passionate about technology, education and careers and since selling OneFile supports other businesses in non-exec and board advisory roles.

How to Make Sure You are Running a Great Apprenticeship Provision - Sponsored by OneFile

AELP webinar

Last published: 06/02/2024