Covid-19 Response Resources


AELP has pulled together on this single webpage a set of resources to help support providers, their employers and their learners in the response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The guidance and advice relate to providers both as educational institutions and businesses. With respect to business support, some of it is being made available with effect from Monday, 23 March.

It is important to recognise that the guidance issued by the government and individual departments is often being updated on a daily basis. AELP will therefore endeavour to update the information on this page as often as possible.

AELP members are contacting us and using social media to share how they are responding to the pandemic in terms of maintaining provision and assessment for their learners and protecting the livelihoods of their valued staff. We are using this page to pass on ‘best practice’ and AELP intends to run webinars for the same purpose.

Please continue to keep us informed about developments as they affect you and your learners and do share any recommendations of best practice by emailing: [email protected].


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