The AELP Manifesto

The AELP Manifesto at a Glance

Date published: 07.12.2017

AELP is seeking commitment from a new government over the next Parliament to:

• Deliver 4 million quality Apprenticeship starts

• Retain the recently launched Apprenticeship Levy with its proceeds being used to fund Apprenticeships only

• A firm long-term commitment to Apprenticeships being available at levels 2 and 3 to support social mobility

• Guaranteed funding of at least £1bn a year for non-levy paying SMEs for their Apprenticeship needs

• Ensure that the whole Apprenticeship system is underpinned by quality but allows innovation and evolution and is backed up by rigorous end assessment to ensure that national standards are
achieved by all

• A fully demand-led skills funding system, driven by and reflecting the needs of employers and learners

• Traineeships and employment programmes that reduce the benefits bill and create opportunities for people of all ages

• Good applied English, Maths and Digital Skills across learners of all ages and ending the failed GCSE resits policy

• Embracing the expertise and experience of independent training providers in the implementation of the Technical and Professional Education reforms

• Suspension of current Adult Education Budget procurement until ready to re-procure the entire £1.5bn budget to avoid disruption and deliver consistency

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