John Osborne - AELP Board Member

Date published: 22.10.2019

John has been involved with training in many different roles for 25 years. He started as an Engineering Apprentice himself; therefore, his contribution to Education & Training comes from a grounded experience, which has been further enhanced by holding a Directorship for Business & Partnership development at MITSkills.

His guidance and expertise grew in developing a training programme and academy for Network Rail. John also initiated the BAE training centre in Portsmouth. His diverse skills were utilised in setting up the National Skills Academy from Manufacturing to collaborative work with SKY/MACE and Hounslow Council in aiding the jobless back into work.

John is currently the chair of ALPS Surrey having previously served on its board to actively assist the members in all areas of its membership. John is always questioning the role of the local network and the benefits that the members achieve ensuring that they are offered value for participating in the local network.

You never judge a book by its cover and John is no exception, his various interests include collecting miniature buses to owning and riding a collector’s item Ducati. John is borne out by his openness to new ideas, but with diligence to dig further where necessary and to get projects moving forward towards their completion.

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