Frank McMahon - AELP Board Member

Date published: 05.02.2018

Frank McMahon is the main shareholder, Managing Director and Chairman of YH Training Services Ltd which has been in business in its current format since 1985 although initially it operated as a GTA from the early 1970s. YH primarily operates in Yorkshire and Humberside delivering Apprenticeships, Traineeships, Study Programmes and Other Learning through the ASB.

Frank was born and bred in Yorkshire where he has lived all his life, (apart from a short excursion over the border to Lancashire for a couple of years!). Frank is married to Christine and they have two children and three grandchildren.

Frank completed his formal education at A level and decided to gain qualifications in accountancy. Following four years training he took up employment in the local motor trade, which has led to an ongoing interest in cars. Whilst working in the motor trade he became involved in Apprenticeships training and sat on the committee of a local group training association.

Frank is currently the Vice Chairman and Treasurer of AELP and has been on the Board since its inception. Previous to this Frank was the Treasurer and Board Director of the National Training Federation which preceded AELP.

Frank has been involved for over 25 years in representing the industry and consulting and negotiating with officials to improve the conditions for work based learning providers. He has worked with all of the varying governing bodies and agencies involved in FE and work based learning and has experience of running the vast majority, if not all of, the multiplicity of government training initiatives.

Frank enjoys Rugby (watching rather than playing nowadays!) Golf, Bridge and Gardening.

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