The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy brought about a radical change in the way that apprenticeships are designed and delivered.

Arguably, the introduction of the Levy has had the largest impact on large employers.  Employers with an annual paybill in excess of £3 million are subject to a 0.5% Levy which is used to fund apprenticeships.

We believe that apprenticeships can provide a genuine benefit to employers in terms of service and productivity, with the cost of apprenticeship training paying for itself within a couple of years of completion, through increased productivity.

The challenge for employers is to ensure that they maximise the benefits of the Levy and this is where we are uniquely placed to offer expert support and guidance.

We offer:

  • Tailored, accurate guidance on policy development with clear interpretation that outlines government funding methodology and procurement procedures.
  • A coordinated programme of support to assist employers and their designated provider in preparation for Ofsted Inspection visits, funding audits and other process requirements
  • An 'employer community' where you can share ideas and experiences on how to develop effective programmes of learning and training, in particular through the new Apprenticeship standards.
  • Access to a programme of CPD support and capacity building for ‘Employer Member’ apprenticeship practitioners, through access to AELP developed resources and materials 

And of course, as an AELP Member, employers can access all of our other Membership Benefits.

To talk to us about about how we can support you, and for details about our competitive annual membership fees please contact [email protected] or call 0117 947 2090.


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