AELP Overarching Policy Principles

AELP Overarching Policy Principles

Date published: 16.09.2021

AELP bases it approach to policy design, response and
recommendations on a key set of core principles on how we believe the Further Education system should operate within.

AELP believes:

• All government policies on training, employment and skills should be focussed on improving productivity and personal growth by focusing on employer and individual choice. Training providers of all types should, therefore, be treated equally with no differences in funding and contracting.

• Procurement of training services should be open equally to all training providers. It should recognise past performance but encourage new provision based on evidence of good performance.

• Some programmes should remain nationally contracted such as Apprenticeships and Traineeships. AELP continues to support the devolution of some programmes where there is evidence of improved take-up and delivery.

• Funding rates for all programmes should be fair, transparent and reflect the real cost of delivery.

• In supporting programmes for all ages and at all levels but priority should be given to ensure the provision for 16-24-year olds and those with disadvantages is high quality.

• The quality of all provision should be measured effectively using an appropriate range of measures agreed with providers and customers.

• In maximising the impact of programmes by ensuring that all funders co-ordinate their provision using providers to integrate delivery.

• In the need for a more integrated and simplified approach to funding.

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