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MyWorkSearch is an online platform that powers delivery of Traineeships, Study Programmes, Apprenticeships and Vocational Training. From ILR completion to course creation and delivery to ePortfolio to work placement time sheets and comprehensive activity tracking, MyWorkSearch is the all-in-one platform that boosts efficiency and outcomes whilst also reducing costs. To ensure job outcomes MyWorkSearch has a wide range of employability resources, including transferable skills assessment, CV building, SMART action planning, over a million live vacancies, employer tracking and research as well as a comprehensive advice centre. MyWorkSearch reporting can be used by tutors to monitor and support and can generate the reports that funding bodies and Ofsted require.

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pdf 088 MyWorkSearch | 77KB
088 MyWorkSearch Download.
Uploaded: 5 Jan 2015
pdf 087 ASDAN | 76KB
087 ASDAN Download.
Uploaded: 1 Dec 2014
pdf 086 Performance Through People | 184KB
086 Performance Through People Download.
Uploaded: 30 Oct 2014
pdf 085 EQuality Training | 91KB
085 EQuality Training Download.
Uploaded: 30 Sep 2014
pdf 084 Choices 4 All | 97KB
084 Choices 4 All Download.
Uploaded: 26 Aug 2014
pdf 083 apt awards | 106KB
083 apt awards Download.
Uploaded: 29 Jul 2014
pdf 082 Prospects | 76KB
082 Prospects Download.
Uploaded: 2 Jul 2014
pdf 081 KEITS | 97KB
081 KEITS Download.
Uploaded: 3 Jun 2014
pdf 080 Parenta | 86KB
080 Parenta Download.
Uploaded: 17 Apr 2012 | Amended 26 Aug 2014

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