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  • AELP has been a key influencer in the development and roll-out of the DWP Merlin Standard.
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RSS news feeds are an excellent way for you to be automatically kept updated of any changes to AELP without having to keep checking our website.

Using RSS typically means that you have a "reader" program which "subscribes" to certain news feeds - our feeds are listed below (note: if you are a member please login to have full access to our feeds).

The RSS "reader" program can be a program on your computer (e.g. the firefox web browser has a built in RSS reader), a web based reader (e.g. Google Reader is ideal for avid Google users) or even on your Blackberry or Windows handheld device (e.g. - ideal for people on the move).

Members - please login to have full access to the private versions of these feeds (if you do not login you will only have access to the limited public versions).