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R15: Using more than one MI system to send your ILR data - impact on your funding payments and success rates


Last updated: 24th Oct 2012

Following the Data Service’s previous communication on the issue of providers submitting 2011/12 ILR data and overwriting ‘A’ file submissions through use of multiple MI systems and the impact this will have on funding payments and success rates, the Service has been monitoring developments closely over the last few weeks.  The Data Service has found that over 10% of learning providers have fewer learners compared with their last ILR submission as at 6 August 2012. Some have overwritten their ‘A’ file submission from one MI system with an ‘A’ file from another system, meaning they now have fewer learners than previously supplied.  Some providers have adopted the approach of appending one or more B files from a second system to an initial A file and omitted to send all B files every time an A file has been sent.  This results in the Data Service not having 100% of the provider’s learner records. As we approach the hard close for 2011/12 year, AELP would like to remind providers to send all learner data for R15 in one ‘A’ file or append the data by submitting ‘B’ files by 16 November.  Further details on these issues and guidance to help address these issues can be found on the Data Service website.