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AELP to launch update policy statement


Last updated: 2nd Oct 2012

AELP has been dusting down and refreshing its policy position around apprenticeships and associated topics.  Unsurprisingly most of its long argued positions remain intact but in looking to the future the AELP Board has agreed to argue for some radical changes for the future. 
These include the issue of apprenticeship vouchers to SMEs to be used as part payment to providers once full apprenticeship frameworks have been achieved, the appointment of apprenticeship ambassadors in every secondary school and perhaps most controversially the introduction of outcome related funding for schools.  The Deputy Prime Minister’s announcement this week of a £500 per annum “carrot” to help schools develop English and maths competencies in pupils arriving from primary school not yet having achieved appropriate levels is welcome.  AELP proposes that this incentive to succeed could be further bolstered by a funding system which held back a proportion of funding to be payable only when acceptable performance has been delivered at age 16.  Not only would this reduce the number of young people who reach age 16 without reaching the necessary basic levels of English and maths to support their transition into work, it would provide additional funding for the remedial post-16 work needed following the failure of schools to reach these thresholds.
This new paper is being published this week and is now available on the AELP website.